Website Build Project Deliverable 2

The name of my new project will be This will be a personal website to showcase myself for job recruitment. The URL that will be use for this web project will be At this web address, the target audience which is potential employers can view this website. The main objective of this project web site would be to stand out from the competition when applying for a job. This project web site will provide up to date information on my resume and what I am currently working on. While a resume is a sole, largely unchanging document, a personal website can be customized and updated according to what I am working on, or what I want to emphasize. It's both fluid and current. A personal website is a digital version of the traditional paper resume. It shows your education, skills, and previous positions or projects you’ve worked on. But, it also shows things you cannot accurately share using a paper resume. It allows you to display photos and images of your projects or share links to articles you’ve written or had published elsewhere. The main goal is to give prospective employers a chance to see exactly who I am. With options like videos and links to other sites, projects I have worked on, social media links like my Facebook or LinkedIn, I can show any prospective employer exactly who I am.

The content in this project web site will contain a brief bio of myself, along with my mission statement, links to my social media profiles, contact information, examples of projects that I have worked on, and photos. It will serve as a online home base and will allow me to build a personal brand and make a great first impression on any prospective employers. I chose this content for this web site because in today’s digital age, almost everyone will look you up online, whether they are HR managers, recruiters, or even potential clients. Many people might think that their presence on social media is enough, but the fact is, they often show a less-than-desirable image of you, even if you think you have no embarrassing moments there.

Html will be used for the structure of this project web site and CSS will be used for the presentation. Structure consists of the mandatory parts of an HTML document plus the semantic and structured markup of its contents. Presentation is the style you give the content. CSS defines the appearance of the web site which reduces the number of files and images used to make the web site look good. CSS saves a lot of work, since it can control the layout of multiple web pages simultaneously. Ideally I should end up with an HTML document which contains the structure and content, and a separate CSS file which contains everything that controls presentation.

It is important to develop a site using proper semantic structure and Web standards. There are also so many benefits of using proper semantic structure and web standards. It makes the content easy for people and search engines to find. It makes it easy to develop and test when separating the site presentation from the structure and behavior. This also improve the performance of the web site which I plan to establish with the project web site. Not only does it improve performance, it makes the web site accessible to most of the latest web browsers which will increase its chance of success.

I will spend the first and second week planning the design and content of the website. By module four, I will have a content map and a graphical representation of the Web page design including both homepage and secondary pages. The next few weeks will be spent following the projects rubrics and taking feedback into account when finishing the site up.

The Content Map and Graphical representation of the Website are as follows:

Content Map About Me Resume Portfolio Contact Me

While these aren't the best drawings, you can see that I have included the content map, as well as a graphical representation of both homepage and secondary page design. This includes the header, the body including all content areas and sidebars, all navigational elements as they will be named, content element locations, and the footer as required in the rubric.